Examples of How We Work

Here are some examples of how our work can support you in improving the health and well being of your public and professionals:

Training in Brief Advice and Brief Interventions for all health and social care professionals, such as Community Pharmacists, Acute Care staff, Primary Care staff, Local Authority staff, Dental Staff, Police and Fire Service staff:


This can be through bespoke:


  • Smoking and alcohol Brief Advice in Accident and Emergency Departments, respiratory wards and fracture clinics

  •  Healthy lifestyle Brief Advice on smoking, alcohol, healthy eating, physical activity and mental health and well-being for patients in Primary Care having diabetes checks, health checks, blood pressure checks etc.

  •  Healthy lifestyle checks in Community Pharmacy during medicines management or when giving EHC.

  •  Healthy Eating and Physical activity training in Primary Care and Community Settings to support reducing obesity and heart disease.

  •  Brief advice on smoking and alcohol for people at home receiving Home Safety checks from the Fire Service.

  •  Specific Brief Advice and Brief Intervention training, coaching and mentoring to support QIPP and CQUIN agendas.

  •  Training and Coaching for Acute Care staff in Outpatients, A and E, MAU and specialist wards.

  •  Train the Trainers plus follow-up support to embed practice.

  •  Evaluation of IBA programmes and delivery.