Making Every Contact Count MECC and MECC+

Making Every Contact Count

Deryn is one of the authors of Public Health England's Every Contact Counts e Learning tool now available on Health Education West Midland's learning platform click here

Making Every Contact Count is now a major ambition to help us to tackle health inequalities, prevent ill health, reduce the strain on the NHS and support patients in the management of their chronic conditions and their recovery. MECC is included in the NHS Standard Contract

We now offer a whole range of training packages to support the Making Every Contact Count agenda, including:

  • Consultancy for Making Every Contact Count development

  • Assessment of current staff learning needs and bespoke programme development

  • Training for frontline staff in Ask, Advise, Assist for health behaviour change

  • Train the Trainers in Making Making Every Contact Count events

  • Follow-up support and mentoring for frontline staff 

  • Evaluation of Making Every Contact Count training and workforce development programmes

  • Workforce Well-being training events

All Making Every Contact Count training events cover smoking, alcohol, healthy eating, physical activity and mental health & well being.

Bespoke Making Every Contact Count training can also cover topics such as sexual health, health in pregnancy, falls management and other relevant topics.