Benefits and Costs

Why Commission Us?

We can draw on the expertise and experience of a number of health behaviour and public health specialists to enable us to design and deliver bespoke packages that will really work for you.

We are able to work flexibly...delivering support and events at times and venues to suit you and your workforce.

Your staff will feel competent, confident and supported in their delivery of healthy lifestyle interventions. Staff will be competent in raising the issue, motivating change and signposting onwards where appropriate. Staff will be supported post-training to ensure that they are performing to their best potential on the skills they have learned. They may also learn something about their own habits and feel more confident to change them if necessary. You as an employer may benefit from the health and well being of your staff being raised, through less sickness absence and staff who feel more engaged with their own health and wellbeing.

Whats the Cost?

We can be commissioned at an hourly or daily rate. Please contact us directly for a quote